• A message from the Acting Prime Minister…….

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    Dear People,

    I am writing this open letter to you to advise you that for the duration of the G7 Conference in Carbis Bay, the day-to-day functioning of Her Majesty’s Government will continued to be subject to the overall purview from #10 Downing Street, but in place of the Prime Minster, I will be the temporary Acting Prime Minister.

    As a result, I am issuing the following edicts:

    #1: All dogs are to be kept on a lead when outside the owners house at all times.

    #2: Where a dog owner’s residence is also home to a cat, the dog will be kept on a lead at all times even when inside the building.

    Yours in charge (for the time being),

    Larry the Cat, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, Acting Prime Minister & Acting First Lord of the Treasury.

    • Love it! As a cat and dog owner for many years, the dogs have always known their place in the home. In my experience a cat , if you’ll excuse the phrase, always knows and acts as tho’ it is top dog!

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