• I do not believe it!!!!!!!


    The BBC SitCom “One Foot in the Grave” starring Richard Wilson as Victor Meldrew and Annette Crosbie as his long-suffering wife, Margaret was one of the BBC’s best productions in recent times.

    One reason for it’s success was the way so many people (especially older men!) could actually relate to the character and how he faced Life’s seeming absurdities.

    Many are the times when people feel like mimicking Victor in his outburst:
    “I do not believe it!!!!!!!”
    For many, reading this report (https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2021/05/30/ufo-sightings-spark-concern-more-than-just-conspiracy-theorists/7479065002/) from USA Today will produce this reaction.

    One of the things I (and many BG readers) do not believe is that our political leaders tell us all the facts. They never have! There is NO reason to suspect that they will change. After all, a leopard does not and cannot change it’s spots!

    A very good and current example is the G7 conference in Carbis Bay. Devon and Cornwall Police have, with the assistance of most of the other police forces in the UK have flooded Carbis Bay and it’s environs with armed and non armed police officers. Shaun Sawyer, Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police oversaw this operation and his objective was not just to protect the G7 politicians but the people of Carbis Bay and particularly the protesters.

    Mr Sawyer wanted to protect these good people not just from the murderous intentions of some suicidal terrorist but from the trigger happy responses of the United States Marine Corps! You see, President Biden brought with him a different set of vehicles and with them, personnel. You see, normally a POTUS travels around in this.This is not what it looks like. It is NOT a Cadillac limousine. It is an armoured vehicle! It is not even made by Cadillac! It is called “the Beast” and the State Department was told by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office that the armoured vehicle would have difficulty negotiating the streets of Carbis Bay and St. Ives! As a result smaller black 4×4 people carriers were used. The USA however insisted that a greater level of protection be given to the POTUS which meant members of the USMC. These were sighted in full battle dress and will have been armed to the teeth!

    Given the unfortunate history of US personnel with firearms, Mr Sawyer was naturally most concerned and therefore saw to it that the chances of a protester ever coming into contact with these trigger happy young men was reduced to an absolute minimum!

    Happily, Mr Sawyer’s strenuous efforts appear to have been proved successful!

    Many of these protesters (who were mostly very respectable and well educated members of the middle classes) were concerned about the gas CO2 believing (wrongly) that it somehow represented a danger to life on Earth! Which of course is complete nonsense! But believing complete nonsense is what human beings have a tendency to do!

    The question we have to address is not why a kindly and socially concerned middle class lady or gentlemen believes that CO2 is threatening the lives and health of their grandchildren BUT why the political and scientific establishment is apparently of the same belief.

    BG readers will of course have noted the use of the adverb “apparently”.
    BG readers may recall this recent blogpost: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2021/05/30/a-very-important-question/
    The blog-post ends thus: What is the source of this technology?
    IF the answer is “solely human ingenuity” that is one thing, but IF the answer does NOT include the adverb, then we have a very particular situation!

    IF the latter is the case, then it is time to look afresh at the USA Today report.

    Let us start with what we know:

    IF by “going green” the politicians mean moving to a new set of technologies WITHOUT significantly impacting living standards then their policies involve the development and deployment of technologies not yet in existence.

    However, if “going green” means a significant REDUCTION in living standards – for most people – then no development and deployment of new technologies is required.

    In summary, it appears that one option appears to be based on the arrival of technology yet to appear whilst the other is entirely “doable” – albeit unpopular as voters do not like to see their living standards reduced whilst at the same time their taxes are increased!

    Politicians from both sides of the House of Commons know that reducing the living standards and raising the taxes of their constituents is not the best way of getting re-elected!
    After reading what comes next many BG readers will conclude that the BG blog’s author has gone bonkers.
    IF new technologies are being or are to be introduced that enable electricity to replace “fossil fuels” as the motive power for cars, lorries (trucks) and ships and that the grid can be powered solely from non “fossil fuel” sources – other than nuclear – without a reduction in living standards – then it is time to ask these questions:

    - Has there been any contact between any government or representatives thereof and an extra terrestrial civilisation?

    - IF there has, what agreements (if any) are there and do they involve “technology transfer”.

    There are examples of politicians and establishments putting out false stories to their populations. A classic is the bullshit put out by the War Office during WW2 that Royal Corps of Observers were encouraged to eat carrots as it improved their eyesight and helped their night vision. This was – unbelievably a successful ruse – to conceal from the Germans the extent and effectiveness of early British radar! So much so that even today many British people still believe it!

    Thus, IF there is an agreement to transfer technology which will mean the rapid reduction in the consumption and elimination of the use of “fossil fuels” then this offers a rational explanation for the bullshit that CO2 is “heating up the planet” and “causing climate change”.

    The reason why the world’s governments would be so desperate to keep the information that there have been communications with an advanced extra terrestrial civilisation SECRET is blindingly obvious.

    We made mention of Chief Constable Sawyer’s very great concern about the safety of protesters as well as the danger to all from a suicidal terrorist.
    It is a well known FACT that many terrorists are motivated by their extreme religious beliefs. This serves to remind us that there are many communities and societies to whom the news that “the aliens have been in contact with us” will have a shattering impact.

    We living in the early 21st Century like to imagine that with our mobile telephones, wireless broadband and smart TVs we are mature advanced creatures not prone to the superstitious beliefs of earlier generations. Yet the fervently held beliefs of the members of Extinction Rebellion prove otherwise.

    Then there are those communities who hold dear to a religious faith.

    What appears to be the case is that not only governments are determined to maintain secrecy, so too are the ETs themselves!

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