• Doing things – premeditatedly…..


    One of the things that sets human beings apart from the animals is our capacity to do things premeditatedly. To consider and plan an action and not just react to an instinct. Because of this level of consideration, when a human being is found to have done a bad thing – like killing someone – the judge passing sentence takes the level of premeditation involved. If there was no premeditation the sentence will differ from that passed if there was. Also involved would be the level of capacity of decision making. If the guilty person was mentally deranged to the extent that he/she was not able to make a considered and rational decision and they did not understand the consequences of their actions, a different sentence altogether will be passed.

    The image above shows a young couple standing on an area of Cornish coastline called “The Ledge”. Getting on an off it is dangerous and is only attempted by foolish persons. In addition to the young couple on that part of the planet on the evening of Tuesday 13th May 2014, there was another person. The person taking the photograph – me!

    Getting onto “The Ledge” is something that should not be done. It is dangerous. Thus when I went for a walk yesterday afternoon from my flat to Botallack Head – with overlooks “The Ledge” – I was surprised to see a young man complete with large rucksack suddenly emerge from where the cliff top was and walk confidently – and extraordinarily, not breathlessly – onto the mine waste that formed an unstable scree and onto the cliff top. The young man had clearly scaled the cliff. This in-and-of itself is a considerable physical challenge and to do so without climbing equipment such as ropes, a dangerous one. To do so with a large rucksack strapped to one’s back as if one was on a long hike or an Army style route march is something else completely. And to walk with the same level of unbreathlessness as if one had got up from one’s armchair to make oneself a cup of coffee is extraordinary.

    I said to the young man, “I thought access to The Ledge had been blocked off?

    He replied that he had got onto the ledge from the other side.

    But there IS no other side! Not accessible by those other than the numerous seagulls anyway.

    But then there clearly was for this young man.

    The young man was however a Royal Marine.

    Their recruitment advert states: “All a Royal Marine does, is change what they think is possible….”

    I see what they mean!

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