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    The vehicle featured above does not actually exist. The image is what is known as a “rendition” – it is what a vehicle would look like were it to be manufactured. The vehicle on which the image is based does exist and is known as a Rolls-Royce Cullinan and can be purchased from a Rolls Royce dealer. Prices start at £275,000 and climb sharply as various “extras” are added!

    For those with more money than sense there exist a number of specialist coach-builders who will gladly take a fool’s Cullinan and proceed to take it to pieces and rebuild it to resemble the pick up truck in the image! The cost will exceed £1,000,000. Thus the fool who would commission such a ridiculous vehicle would probably part with a figure of £1.5M!

    The sad FACT is that whilst the world has many poor people who will go to sleep tonight with stomachs rumbling through lack of having enough to eat, there will be a large number of well fed individuals with disposable incomes to be able to afford such ridiculous creations.

    As they say; fools and money are soon parted.

    Allow me Dear Reader to ask a question: What sort of person would it be who would spend £1.5M on such an extravagance and then actually use it as a pick up truck – let us say picking up waste and workmen in dirty overalls and then disposing of the waste – legally of course! What a total idiot! The car would be ruined in next to no time! For such a dirty job there are a plethora of pick up trucks with rubber floors and plastic upholstery better suited to such use! And at hundredth of the price!

    In other words, most sane and sensible people would purchase a low cost (probably second hand) pickup truck for such a task.

    Being sane and sensible is something that most human beings do as a matter of course. Society could not function otherwise. Thus when Sci-Fi writers write something like Channel Four’s “Humans” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humans_(TV_series) they are ascribing a level of stupidity that would not occur.
    What stupidity? You ask.
    This: The androids that are the subject of the series would (were it possible to manufacture them in 2021 – which it is not) would be very expensive. Probably as much as the Cullinan pickup truck (£1.5M). Therefore the uses which the scriptwriters had the androids put to (expendable replacements for humans beings that had very short service lives before they were broken up and scrapped was ridiculous. It would be like commissioning a Cullinan pickup truck and scrapping it after it had irretrievably broken down after a year’s hard use! No sane and sensible human being would do such a thing!

    So, where am I going with this? I hear you ask Dear Reader.

    Here: There are people on the internet who are posing such theories that the USA developed the coronavirus deliberately and then gave it to the Chinese to release with the intention of causing a lot of human suffering including deaths. Others go on to postulate that the reason was to provide a “captive” market for a vaccine to protect people from the virus they had created. This was done either as a giant experiment, an attempt to kill off large numbers of humans, or possibly sterilise large numbers of humans or simply a monstrously criminal conspiracy to make “loads of money”!

    Personally, I do NOT buy this!

    Whilst I am not one of President Xí Jìnpíng’s fans, I would totally reject ANY suggestion that the man would deliberately set out to kill large numbers of his own people as grossly defamatory. The man would simply NEVER do this! EVER!

    Notwithstanding these FACTS, however there exist a whole set of puzzling issues.

    COVID-19 appears to have been artificially created.

    The vaccines appear to be highly effective and developed in a suspiciously short space of time. Furthermore some people are suggesting that the numbers and severity of the side effects is being suppressed.

    Does this mean that I am one of the “anti-vacers” and would suggest that people do not have the vaccine?

    No! I would argue very strongly that they should indeed have the vaccine – both does – and should further “jabs” be offered, those too. I myself have had both “jabs” and was in no doubt at all about the wisdom of this and if offered a third “jab” with the flue “jab” this winter, I will have that too!

    What about possible severe side effects? I hear some ask.

    My answer is this: Life is full of risks. I regard the pandemic as “my Second World War cum Suez”. What to I mean by that? This: My late father (1906 – 2003) lived through two world wars, the Korean War and the Suez Crisis. The two wars affected him greatly. I personally regard the pandemic as less serious than Word War Two and more serious than the Suez Crisis. The Suez Crisis took place between 29th October 1956 and 7th November 1956. I was alive at the time but was too young to remember it.

    The way I look at it is this:

    Could I drop dead from a third dose of a vaccine? Yes. Will I risk that? Yes. Why? I perceive the risk to be very small and anyway, Life is full of risks. My Dad experienced that (on a dramatically greater scale) when during WW2 he was attending to a broken substation when one of the ventral gunners of a He-111 though it would be a good idea to open fire with his machine gun!This unknown German clearly missed as I am here to write this load of rubbish that you are currently reading! My father only told me this late in his life when I was an adult because he wanted to avoid telling a small boy who would inevitably have bragged about his Dad’s experience (greatly embellished) to his fellow school boys.

    There are of course many strange things going on. COVID-19 raises a number of questions. We have yet to find answers. Then there is the question of CO2. Why are so many people who must know they are talking nonsense, talking nonsense?

    Why is there so much global “hoo-ha” about “climate change”?

    Of course, some people postulate that this – along with the release of COVD-19 is an attempt to murder vast numbers of human beings to reduce the total population. I find such a suggestion as even more preposterous than the one about the President of China above.

    So I will restate for the purposes of clarity: I do NOT believe that the world’s leaders are trying to experiment on and/or kill large numbers of their fellows.

    I will readily admit however that I do NOT know what is going on but do think that there are things that the politicians and those running things are not telling us!

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