• Something needs to be done: And quickly!

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    Above, an armed private security guard guarding a school in the USA.
    The Beeb is not altogether without fault. They are running this story: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-57609164
    It is of a most concerning state of affairs where single women in quarantine are alleged yo have being subjected to abuse and harassment by some of the private security guards.
    This is the relevant legislation:
    There appears to be a need to be some tighten up the way the law is implemented – not necessarily the law itself. Compulsory bodycams – that cannot be edited and where they have to be handed to a regulated third party at the end of a shift – would appear to be a good idea. A rouge guard would not abuse or harass someone if their actions were recorded.

    All in all, this is what we get when when successive governments “privatise” areas of activity which could and should be carried out by servants of the Crown employed by the Crown and whose actions can be held to account via Ministers in Parliament.

    Unfortunately it is the baleful influence of the laissez-faire traditions embedded in the political culture and tradition of the USA which is the root cause of this – along with the steady “privatisation” of bits of the NHS.

    US corporations know that they cannot get a UK government to transform the NHS into an insurance funded privately run US style system overnight – but that is their eventual aim.

    We also see the baleful influence elsewhere in the public sector: Prisons for instance.

    Not only should this stop – it should be progressively reversed.

    The problem for the UK – which has been made worse, not better by Brexit – is that the US political establishment – which is funded by US coronations – considers the USA’s relationship with the UK as one of the most important relationships it has. Why? Because of the size of the UK’s population and because the UK is in what the Americans call the “Anglosphere.”

    In 2020, the USA’s population was estimated at 330.01 million and the UK’s population was estimated at 67.89 million. This means that the UK is around one fifth as populous as the USA. US corporations therefore regard the UK as a very important market along with Canada with an estimated 37.74 million, Australia with an estimated 25.69 million, New Zealand with an estimated 5 million and Ireland with an estimated 4.9 million – a total of 141.22 million, a figure representing 42.79% of the USA’s population.

    As a Brexiteer blog the BG does not find the idea of a closer relationship between the Anglosphere nations objectionable. On the contrary, it is desirable. However there must be red lines.

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