• The invisible issue.

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    The UK’s state broadcaster is very fond of showing pictures of chimneys emitting clouds of steam into blue skies with reference to that alleged threat to Life on Earth, CO2. Of course, as all BG readers know, CO2 is INVISIBLE!

    When I lived in Leeds my neighbourhood had a problem with criminals. It was a high crime area. The police helicopter would frequently fly low overhead in the “wee small hours” waking us up as they and their colleagues on the ground sought to apprehend reprobates.

    Happily, I now live in Cornwall and the coastguard helicopter flies during daylight hours and the only time we hear a helicopter in the “wee small hours” is when one of us needs to be flown to the hospital which lies to the north or Truro and is too far (in critical situations) for an ambulance of the four wheeled variety. It is a low crime area.

    Although Cornwall is a low crime area (relative to others) the particular corner I am resident is a “hotspot” of Extinction Rebellion members! Which leads to some interesting conversations!

    I and the BG blog am/is of course referred to as a “denier” and a “denier blog”. They regard me in the same light as Lady Caroline Lamb regarded her former lover Lord Byron, for whom she coined the phrase “mad, bad, and dangerous to know”.

    However…………………….. Some questions and my answers:
    Q: Do I deny that climate change is happening?
    A: No. It is.
    Q: Do I deny that CO2 is causing it?
    A: I’ll answer that question this way: CO2 is NOT the cause of climate change – as the question is the sort of “Have you stopped beating your wife?” variety!
    Q: Are you worried about climate change?
    A: Yes very, but not in the same was my Extinction Rebellion neighbours.
    Q: In what way are you worried about climate change?
    A: I am worried as I do not know why the “establishment” and “the powers that be” is lying about CO2. When the world’s leaders from across the political spectrum all stand up and tell (more or less) the same lie, it is time to worry!
    Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly: Why would I tell a lie? The answer is that you have determined that lying serves your interests better than telling the truth! This is why an individual will lie and why a politician or senior civil servant will lie. This is because we are all humans!

    I now want you to remember and keep in mind the last word in the sentence before – “humans”. When I was a small boy in the late 1950s and early 1960s the word “humans” was not used to anything like the extent is is used now. In normal use – when referring to others the word “people” was used. Now the word “people” is used far less than it was with the word “humans” replacing it.
    I do NOT believe that this is coincidental! The change has happened gradually over years and most people will not have noticed it. We know that politicians know the trick of introducing change slowly and steadily to avoid their electorate from noticing too much. The politicians in the EU are past masters at this for of deception! After all, they have had much practise!
    Q: If it is NOT CO2, then what is causing the climate change we are witnessing?
    A: Honestly, I don’t know! What I do know is that CO2 is NOT the cause.
    I have often asked myself this question: “If CO2 is not the cause then what is and is the fact that the politicians are lying about CO2 significant?” My answer to my own question is: “Yes, their lies are significant as it suggests that they don’t want to tell is what is, or might be causing climate change.”

    I think a lot of things might be linked. We have the coronavirus pandemic. If the politicians are keeping information from us could it be linked to the information that are obviously keeping from us vis-à-vis CO2?

    Many BG readers who have regarded me as a sensible sort of fellow in the past, now regard me with deep suspicion and quite frankly think I’ve gone off my rocker!

    I postulate one possible answer – which probably has less chance of being right than my chances of winning the Euromillions jackpot were I decide to buy a ticket!

    Just suppose that some of the reports of UFOs are in fact what many believe – advanced FTL (faster than light) capable spaceships of an advanced extraterrestrial civilisation (ETC). Now of course, many people have watched the Sci-Fi fantasy series “Star Trek” and how Hollywood portrays the USS Enterprise “going to warp”. What we do know – for certain – is that these special effects are rooted not in science but firmly in the imaginations of the producers and writers of the show!

    What we DO NOT KNOW is/are the effects of a FTL craft arriving and departing within the vicinity of our planet.

    Now of course, the Extinction Rebellion protesters will immediately go around and state that the mad, bad and dangerous Peter Rogers has said that climate change is being causes by UFOs! I am NOT saying this. But then misrepresenting and twisting what your political opponent says is an ancient and as common a practise as lying!

    • Would you ER ‘friend’ care to answer the following, (no one has been willing do so yet);
      They promote and revere wind turbines but what is the CO2 output from the manufacture, transportation and erection of just one of these and, how many years will it take to compensate for the CO2 output with regards the above action?
      I suppose we mustn’t mention the fact that the blades are being broken up and buried because they can’t be recycled?

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