• Making deadly decisions.


    Back in the pre Brexit era when those who are now labelled as “Brexiteers” were described either as “Eurosceptics” or “Eurorealists”, I attended a UKIP meeting in a pub south of Helston in Cornwall on the A3083.

    It was there I received a piece of advice from a political fellow traveller and BG reader. She asked me if I had a Facebook page and I replied that I had not. She advised me to set one up and each time I posted on the BG blog post a hypertext link on the Facebook page that pointed towards the blog. “It will drive traffic to your site and won’t cost you anything.” she advised.

    Although half Cornish, since I was born, raised and spent most of my life in the West Riding of Yorkshire, I naturally was keen to get some free advertising!

    Thus it was that I set up a Facebook page and duly did as this patriotic lady advised, thus, each time I post on the BG I post a link on Facebook. Since that time my Facebook page has acquired 1,856 “Friends”.

    I am in fact indebted to one of these friends, a lady from Sheffield in the West Riding for the image above. This most splendid and gargantuan repast is for your Editor a most troublesome image! You see, it is something I would very much like to “tuck into” – although I could not possibly consume all but a portion of it! Furthermore, for me, to consume any part of this feast before midday would invite tremendous gastric problems. As for lunch or later dinner it would be extremely mouth watering! However, I would be a fool to consume any of it for health reasons!

    It is a sad fact that since moving down to Cornwall in February 2014, I have eschewed such feasts! Such splendid meals are however eaten by many and sadly, many face the consequences of strokes and heart attacks! You see, eating such a most splendid and gargantuan repast every day would be in fact a deadly decision.

    Deadly decisions are of course not confined to what meals we eat! Those who govern us discover the salutatory fact of life that “high office equals high responsibility”. At the recent G7 conference held in Carbis Bay, Cornwall we local residents were witness to the disruption caused by the pomp and security of these VIPs. As one local wit commentated, “…..when the POTUS goes to church; he takes his own congregation with him…..”

    The FACT of the matter is this – there are times when the head of the executive branch of government (be they a President or a Prime Minister) has to take decisions that result in the loss of life. NB: Not MIGHT result in the loss of life, but WILL result in the loss of life.

    One of my pet “hates” is when I am in the presence of braggadocio buffoons who have never been in such a situation and have never had to take such a decision pontificate on how they would do such and such. The FACT is that I have friends and relatives who have made those decisions and the one thing common to all of them is that they NEVER NEVER boast about it or brag about their actions!

    Recently many BG readers have been bothered about a direction of travel the BG blog has been going. Back in 2009 when the first readers discovered the blog, they were never presented with some of the posts they now have the choice of reading. Many regard the mention of ETs and UFOs as evidence that your Editor is experiencing something of a mental breakdown.
    In my defence I would present the following link: https://www.defenseone.com/policy/2021/06/experts-assess-unexplained-governments-recent-ufo-report/175039/
    This from their site: The US website Defense One delivers news, breaking analysis, and ideas on the topics and trends that are defining the future of U.S. defense and national security. Founded in 2013, Defense One gives national security professionals, stakeholders and citizens what they need to know, from senior leaders in Washington to commanders abroad and next-generation thinkers far from the political scrum. Our staff provide analysis of the hottest news events of the day and in-depth stories shining a critical light on the national security landscape. We publish innovative, fearless commentary from old hands and new voices in the national-security community. Defense One is a publication of GovExec, which is owned by majority partner Growth Catalyst Partners and Atlantic Media’s David Bradley. NB: US spelling has not been altered.
    British Gazette comment (on the above link): What BG readers should realise is that governments (from across the spectrum from democracies like Australia to authoritarian regimes like Zimbabwe) will NEVER make public information they deem to be “too sensitive”. You can bet your bottom dollar or euro or pound that your government keeps things secret from you. And, it has to be admitted for very good, sensible and sound reasons!

    The BG has recently speculated about the possibility that one or more governments have been in direct or indirect contact with what are referred to by some as ETCs (extra terrestrial civilisations) which of course should be further defined as advanced extra terrestrial civilisations.

    Most sensible and sane people cite as evidence that this has not occurred is because the governments would be unable to keep such a momentous event in human history secret. This however is made by those who have had no knowledge or understanding the the determination and the resources the “intelligence and security services” have at their disposal.

    The levels of this determination and the resources is directly proportional to the severity of the threat. This is a fact that applies across the spectrum of nations – from democracies like Australia to authoritarian regimes like Zimbabwe.

    Dear Reader, be under no doubt – no doubt whatsoever – that making public the details of contacts between an ETC and one or more governments and thus confirming the existence of said ETC, would have the most devastating impact imaginable on societies across the world. No country’s society would be immune!

    Now at this point some BG readers may raise a doubt and be thinking….. “If it is/was clear that the ETC was benign and peaceful, it would not change me or drastically affect the way I live.”

    Let me attempt to disabuse you of this delusion: It would! It would effect your life quickly, severely and irreversibly.

    Our political leaders – worldwide – have been told this – by experts! These experts will have stated as clearly as they could possibly do that the biggest and progressive impact would be a rapidly escalating loss of social cohesion. The rate of this would vary from state to state. Those states (the majority) who are euphemistically referred to as lesser developed states or low income nations would be the worst effected as their populations would cry out to the ETC for “salvation”. The effect on theocratic societies would be even more severe as many adherents to their particular faith (this would apply across the faith spectrum – to use PC terminology) would claim it as evidence of some event or set of events or appearances in their particular faith. For some the arrival knowledge of the ETC would be welcomed. Others would fear it claiming that it is the arrival of some great evil and that the end of the world is nigh. Those secular societies would not be exempt either. For evidence one need only remind oneself of how popular Stonehenge becomes at the solstices!

    The one thing political leaders – worldwide – will have been told – by experts – is that it will no longer be; “Business as usual”.

    When a person in high office or such as a military officer is presented with a “serious situation” the one thing they will want is TIME! Ask ANY person who has held the Queen’s commission and they will confirm this. In the event of a “serious situation” they want time – the more the better! This because they want to prepare. To train their soldiers, sailors or airmen. To equip same. To be able to plan how to deal with the “serious situation”. This is why military forces across the world train and undertake what they call “exercises” – so when a “serious situation” occurs suddenly and unexpectedly they can better deal with it. This is why people living in Cornwall sometimes see Royal Marines undertaking strenuous physical exercise. This is because maintaining physical fitness needs regular exercise and the RMs never know when something might crop up.

    Therefore the other thing Dear Reader you can bet your bottom dollar or euro or pound on is that IF there has been some form of direct or indirect contact with an ETC then your government will not only be keeping it secret from you but they will be preparing for a time when such will no longer be a secret! However, be in no doubt – no doubts whatsoever – that no amount of preparation no matter how thorough or rigorous will fully insulate the societies against the impact.

    This is why I believe that all the nonsense about CO2 warming up the planet is being put about – and why so many scientists who know that this is nonsense – are not disputing it. Ask yourself this question Dear Reader: Which states are most dependent upon what the “greens” call “fossil fuels”? They are the Gulf states, Venezuela and Russia and the Caucasian states. A possible reason why the Western democracies are going on about replacing petrol and diesel cars and commercial vehicles (including HGVs) with “EVs” is that they consider the non availability or significant disruption of supplies from the Gulf states to be a distinct possibility! Now of course, many who are derided as “climate change deniers” will point out that batteries are NOT a practical answer to the powering or road transport! Or aeroplanes for that matter! HOWEVER: It is almost a racing certainty that any ETC that has advanced to the degree that it can develop and deploy a FTL (faster than light) spaceship has the knowledge and capability to provide (or teach humans) a battery capable of doing the job! Such technology transfers would likely not occur all at once but would take the form of a seemingly rapid development of the technology. For instance: the batteries now in such as the Nissan Leaf are destined we have been told to be superseded by more efficient and powerful batteries. Well it (the Nissan Leaf) needs them! The thing that persuaded your Editor to finally “break cover” on this controversial line was a report that such batteries will be using graphene – in layers one molecule thick!
    GOTO: https://www.biolinscientific.com/blog/what-is-graphene-oxide
    Were I reading a news report (of articles being fabricated with layered material one molecule thick) in the year 2121 I would accept it but NOT in the year 2021! I find it extremely difficult to believe that human ingenuity has developed that far that fast! I believe that there is a possibility that the humans developing this technology have had help!

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