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    Above the symbol superimposed over a photograph of the house where the BG was set up on 21st October 2009. Today’s title contains the words a local resident received when they tried to access the BG website.

    This blog is a controversial blog. There are many internet users who object to it. As a result, many ordinary people are unable to “surf onto” the blog’s website because it is blocked by the website blockers provided by their internet service providers. These very necessary internet tools are essential as many ordinary people or average citizens live as family units and have young children, or young grandchildren visiting and these youngsters often make a “bee line” to the PC and go online.

    As we all know there are many websites that are completely “out of bounds” and have to be “fenced off”. There is no need to cite examples as we all know the sort of websites being referred to!

    As with so much of the internet because the numbers of websites on the “world wide web” – and although that term was somewhat of an exaggeration when it was first coined, it is no exaggeration now – run into the hundreds of millions, manual assessment of all these websites is impossible. Thus the task is allotted to things known as “bots”. The technology for these “bots” was developed by the search engines and has been adapted to act as filters to automatically block websites that indicated by their content should be placed on the blocked list.

    The “bots” can be set to discern different particulars. As a result, the technology has been commandeered by the PC brigade to block websites that don’t approve of from being viewed by the general population.

    This has happened with the BG website. This is because a member of the local community emailed with an email containing the following:
    “……..[the BG's website] has been blocked by Broadband Buddy because it matches these categories:
    Weapons, Violence, Gore & Hate
    Sites that sell or describe weapons, show graphic violence towards humans or animals or advocate aggression towards people based on race, religion, gender, nationality, or sexuality.”

    Of this list, the BG website has – and will continue to in Broadband Buddy’s words, “describe weapons” as we have referred to actions during past wars. As for the rest, words mean different things to different people. To a normal mindset, “advocating aggression” means encouraging, inciting or praising acts of violence. To the PC brigade it can mean anything they want it to mean!

    One hears left wing politicians talk about “the violence of poverty” and the “violence of institutionalised discrimination”. This is NOT new! Hitler used the same technique to denigrate those he disliked!

    By the standards of the PC brigade the BG has indeed advocated aggression when it made mention the English defeat of the Spanish armada without referencing “the aggression” the English commanders had committed against enslaved black people.
    One of the heinous offences the BG regularly commits is to enclose links to other websites and blog-posts such as this: https://www.turbulenttimes.co.uk/news/front-page/the-tories-have-failed-were-just-not-a-serious-country/ and this: https://www.turbulenttimes.co.uk/news/front-page/law-and-order-enough/
    Note as of 1PM, 2nd June 2021, no mention of the subject covered by these blog-posts is made on the state broadcaster’s main web page: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news