• The Coronation Oath Act, 1953


    qe2-1953Herewith the actual words of the oath taken by the Queen on 2nd June 1953:

    Archbishop of Canterbury: Madam, is your Majesty willing to take the Oath?

    The Queen: I am willing.

    Archbishop: Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the Peoples of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, Pakistan, and Ceylon, and of your Possessions and the other Territories to any of them belonging or pertaining, according to their respective laws and customs?

    Queen: I solemnly promise so to do.

    Archbishop: Will you to your power cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgements?

    Queen: I will.

    Archbishop: Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel? Will you to the utmost of your power maintain in the United Kingdom the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law? Will you maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Church of England, and the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government thereof, as by law established in England? And will you preserve unto the Bishops and Clergy of England, and to the Churches there committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges, as by law do or shall appertain to them or any of them?

    Queen: All this I promise to do.

    • Parliament

      The highest legislative authority in the United Kingdom. Made up of the House of Commons, House of Lords and the Queen (who is the UK’s current hereditary monarch).


      This is another way of referring to the monarchy – which is the oldest part of the system of government in this country. Time has reduced the power of the monarchy, and today it is broadly ceremonial. The current UK monarch is Queen Elizabeth II.

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      Join the lawful rebellion we have a right to with hold our taxes here: http://lawfulrebellion.info/

    • Nicely stated Brian. Though your first statement is incorrect! The Jacobite crown was affirmed when James the 6th of Scotland was crowned monarch of England, France, Ireland and their dependencies. (How Cameron managed to claim parliamentary consent for invading Libya)

      Act of Union 1707 (ratification!!!) Article 3 of 1706 “the kingdom of Scotland and England shall forever more be known as GREAT BRITAIN”. All other territories of the U.K. are subject to the Parliament of Great Britain which includes the 13 colonies of the US! USA ceased to be when congress failed to set a date to meet just before the alleged civil war… Lincoln used US executive orders beyond lawful mandate. You should check out NASA congressional enactment 1959- 2012… An extremely violent act claiming all airspace…

      Forgot to add… Holy Roman Empire was Germany from the 10th c ad.

    • The Queen is of the tribe of Judah and a direct descendant of King David. She is not of the tribe of Dan, The scepter was to remain with Judah till Shiloh comes Gen49:10. The symbol of Judah is the lion as seen in the British coat of arms, the unicorn is the symbol of Ephraim together they symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel which consists of the two tribed house of Judah and the ten tribed house of Israel. The house of Israel was often referred to as the house of Ephraim as Ephraim was the largest tribe.

      1703 AD saw the two houses united under the Treaty of Union uniting Scotland and England (Judah and Ephraim/Israel) as written in Ezekiel 37:16-24 never to be divided again ( that’s why the Scottish referendum on separation failed).

      The reason that Dan was not mentioned in Revelations regarding the 144,000 is that when the tribes moved westward after escaping from the Assyrians they moved across the land however the tribe of Dan being a seafaring tribe went west by sea, you can find them today in Denmark. Reuben can be found in France and Naphtali can be found in Holland, Manasseh is in America. other tribes can be found in Germany Norway and other European countries. The Saxons were Issac’s sons so any country with Saxons are of the tribes of Israel. The Assyrians can also be found in Germany Their symbol was the Eagle. Many of the tribe of Judah can also be found in America, The Jews that are in the state of Israel in Palestine today are most Edumean Jews (descendants of Esau) with an estimated number of less than 5% being true Jews of the tribe of Judah.

    • It is not the stone of destiny or Jacobs stone, it is the Westminster stone, the Scottish people hid the stone of Jacob.

    • Act of Settlement 1701 s 1 & 2 renders her non monach ie she looses her regal powers if she reconciles back to the Church of Rome ( Roman Catholic church) Citizens in the UK and territories ie commonwealth and where ever she has reach are exempt from all allegiances to her. She has no powers to pass laws, collect taxes or tributes.

      The EU question is illegal as she was disqualified when she signed the country in.

      ANY Christians reading this: Its URGENT for the kween to repent not only due to the obvious she is old and soon to stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ of which she is NOT EXEMPT.
      2. The Queen & Britain are of the Tribe of Dan ( son of Israel – Jacob and Bilah). the Oath sworn whilst seated on the Stone of Destiny is the stone that Jacob the Patriach slept on. Anything sworn on it must be made good.. even though we are told NOT to make anyoaths and esp not use anything in Heaven and or Earth as collateral.
      Dan is still awaiting the Salvation of Christ, hence his exclusion in the sealing of the 144,000 elders in Revelations , Dan in the Testament of Dan states that he is awaiting the Salvation of God –extend your faith with Pauls that all of Israel will be saved.

      The Catholic church is the mother of all harlots as stated in Rev 17 & 18 and God called his people to come out of her Rev 18:4 most of Dan did with the Reformation but they are going back to her and this is bad. God destroyed them that went back to Egypt after He saved them.

    • I think it illegal that so many powers have been transferred to the EU without the say so or agreement of the British people. Which British party or Government has ever asked the people for a mandate, ever promised in their manifesto to bind Britain to ever closer union with the EU, though that is indeed what successive British Governments have done. Maybe Joe Public should challenge our ties and treaties with Europe through the courts? But I suppose our vote on the 23rd will ratify this, or not as the case may be.

    • I believe my website camrecon was the first to point out that the Queen had broken Her Oath. She promised to uphold OUR laws and customs and all public servants including the monarch have to obey the law of the land. Since she took that Oath and broke it there should be serious consequences as committing perjury has serious consequences.

      As I point out in my site politicians claim that because they have a democratic mandate or a majority that entitles them to do as they please, this being the “will of the people”. This is crap for one good reason. They too ought to obey the law of the land which in 1972 forbade transfer of power to a foreign entity. They simply ignored it. Party manifestos are dangerous. When someone votes for a small part of that manifesto which is advantageous to themselves they automatically endorse the rest whether they understand the consequences or not. This farce allows politicians to claim they have the will of the people. So democracy is the death of individual liberty and not the same thing as politicians often claim; e.g. “in this free and democratic country of ours!!!!” A vote is a transfer of power to the politicians. Party politics is a game of divide and rule. Join the British Constitution Group.

    • Jeez, you guys really are paranoid about Europe. Geographically, we belong to the continent called Europe. But what you mean, WE ARE PART OF THE E.U. – but you forget that this is for VERY GOOD REASONS. BNP bullying is not getting anyone anywhere. The Queen is not a traitor, nor is she breaking the constitution because you think she is. In fact, she has very, very little power, and can – I believe – not decline to sign off a piece of legislation that has the blessing of the House of Lords. I think of the previous Belgian King who, due to his conviction, was in a dilemma because he had to sign off a piece of abortion legislation he could not reconcile with his religious beliefs, and therefore abdicated for 1 day so the legislation could go through without his blessing. That is how difficult these things can be. So why don’t you find out how to put a baby into bath water before throwing both out? DUH.

    • QUOTE: hope and pray that when her son becomes King he will prove to be of sounder loyalty to his people……………



      BNP Life Member

    • Although Mr. Stuckey’s comments may sound extreme, I still believe that there is a lot of truth in what he says. Where I differ from him is that I believe that the current Queen is not the first Monarch to have broken the essence of today’s Coronation Oath. Both Charles I and James II betrayed the country which they were destined to rule by breaking established law and commissioning foreign troops to uphold their treacherous rule. Both paid a heavy price for their betrayals.

      I am and remain a total supporter of Constitutional Monarchy, but I fear that the current Queen – by her willing adherence to various EEC/EU treaties – has betrayed the nation which she swore to defend. I hope and pray that when her son becomes King he will prove to be of sounder loyalty to his people.

    • Queen Elizabeth II has broken her ‘Coronation Oath’, and is the first Monarch to have done so. She has been fully non-compliant with the wording of the ‘Coronation Oath’. She has aided the take-over of the United-Kingdom by her inactions, and has allowed a Despotic Labour-Government to remain in power. The Queen is a Traitor, and has disgraced her family, and betrayed the people of the United-Kingdom. The Queen has also know of the Treason committed by previous Governments … dating back to 1972, and has done nothing to stop it. The Queen has been fully complicit in the take-over of the United-Kingdom by a Foreign-Power (that being the EU). Queen Elizabeth II … IS a TRAITOR!!!!!!

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