• The hymn, “I Vow To Thee My Country” heretical? A Bishop thinks so!


    The following is an extract from the “Daily Mail” of Friday 13th August, 2004, written by Andrew Roberts.It was first posted on the old Drive The Flag website in 2004.
    The Rt. Rev. Stephen Lowe (above), the Suffragan Bishop of Hulme, has called for the much loved hymn, “I Vow To Thee My Country” to be banned from church services on the grounds that it is heretical.
    He stated on Radio 4’s “Today” programme that the hymn, “…puts God secondary to country” , and thus has “…echoes of 1930’s nationalism in Germany and the nastier aspects of Right-wing republicanism in the United States.”
    So have we all been singing a fascist song in our churches for over 80 yearts ? Is this immensely popular hymn, played both at Princess Diana’s wedding and her funeral, really something of which to be ashamed ?
    Fortunately, the answer is an emphatic “No”. A close reading of the actual words employed by the hymn’s author, Sir Cecil Spring-Rice, and a glance at the historical context in which they were written shows that the bishop is wildly and pathetically mistaken. The hymn is, in fact, a patriotic, heartfelt and deeply moving explanation of the need for the sacrifice of 767,000 young men from the British Empire in the Great War, ad nothing at all to do with nationalism. The bishop’s statement that the hymn puts God secondary to country is utter nonsense. Yes, the first line states that the country is above “all earthly things” – an understandable sentiment given the terrifying threat from Germany – but certainly not above all heavenly things.
    Indeed, the hymn refers rapturously to Heaven, calling it “another country” whose “fortress is a faithful heart” and whose ways are of “gentleness” and “peace “. For despite the slaughter and the horrors of the conflict, peace is the ultimate goal.
    But then, not only has the bishop woefully misinterpreted the words, he also completely ignores the desperate circumstances in which they were written, and the character of the great man who wrote them.
    Sir Cecil Spring-Rice (1859-1918) had been British ambassador to Washington since 1912, where history relates how “his tact and forbearance, and anxiety to meet any legitimate grievance, were deservedly appreciated” during the Great War.
    Below is the “Daily Mail’s” version of, “I vow to thee my country” – Words by LeoMcKinstry;

    I vow to thee my country,
    the things despised by Blair,
    Freedom, truth, integrity,
    those virtues now so rare.
    We live in times of twists and lies,
    of government by spin,
    Where the greatest crime for citizens, is love of kith and kin.
    Where taxes keep on rising
    for decent, law-abiding folk.
    Where sovereignty is vanishing
    under Brussels’ heavy yoke.
    - – - -
    All hail to thee, oh Tony,
    Prime Minister divine,
    Creator of New Labour
    and the Britain of our time.
    We dare not ask the questions
    that help us to reflect
    How the country lost its soul
    to what’s politically correct.
    We’re becoming a nation broken,
    our spirit ever weaker,
    Held to ransom by burglar, thug and asylum seeker.
    - – - -
    They tell us there’s more money
    for schools and NHS,
    But with those bureaucrats to pay
    the system’s still a mess.
    In anarchic modern Britain,
    violence rules the street;
    The bobby who used to keep us safe
    has made a tactical retreat.
    Terrorists are in our midst,
    they have us in their sights,
    But the Government’s priority
    is to protect their human rights.
    - – - -
    But there was another country,
    that flourished long ago, A Britain that was proud and free,
    one you wouldn’t know.
    It was a gentle nation,
    its people brave and bright,
    A country that knew its worth
    and had the will to fight,
    To preserve its own culture,
    that stood for what was best,
    In the green and pleasant land,
    knowing it was blest.

    • Make it the national anthem, and a declaration of intent for all our new countrymen and women from overseas when they seek to live on our hallowed ground.

      It works with Advance Australia Fair down under!

      Sing up for Britain, our history and yet greater deeds to come.

      We are a chosen people Bishop. Just you remember that. If you understood the history of the church in this country you would know that. Ever heard of St Bede? Probably not…

    • I am always surprised by the lack of media attention to the fact that New Labour,’s Ministers and MP’s, while banning those with membership to political parties of the far right, from holding public sector jobs, were themselves members of the far left subversive communist group, The Fabian Society.

      How well New Labour followed the Fabian principles of subversion of our democracy, and the undermining of our culture and traditions. In short New Labour were and are a bunch of communists, who betrayed every Englishman woman and child.

      Why are they not on trial for war crimes, could it be that the Coalition intend to betray us all, too?

    • To think that we have gone from the sentiments of the last verse above to the state we are in now! Whereby I dare not write what I feel in case I upset this or that group, or I am interrogated on suspicion of inciting racial or religious intolerance. A country where I never allow myself to be alone with a child , where a dinner lady is chastised for offering a pat on the back to a young lad. Where if I tell a veiled woman that I find it offensive I can be under threat of prosecution if not persecution.

      And what power does “our” government have to influence any of this? None, hence we can do nothing about it,, hence the apathy. Our “freedoms” and our hard won” democracy” are the tools which are being used to snuff out our nation….beware, it will not be long now.

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