• The shape of things to come? Sharia Law in the UK?


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    “…..the adoption of certain aspects of Sharia law in the UK seems unavoidable…….” The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Rowan Williams, PC, FRSL FBA FLSW, Archbishop of Canterbury, Metropolitan of the Province of Canterbury and Primate of All England.

    The British Gazette was resurrected in October 2009 to speak the truth unto the [British] nation. This video is one of the more disturbing truths that our treasonous cowardly band of perjuring Quislings who deign to masquerade as a lawful government of this United Kingdom WILL NOT want the British People to view for it shows the frightening prospect of what fate will await Britons should the Muslim wish to have Sharia Law implemented in this formerly sovereign land.

    The UK is one of the EU member states whose population is growing not falling. This is due in the most part to the numbers on non European non Christian babies being born to mothers in the UK. In a few decades this country will no longer be a predominantly European/Christian country. When that happens, expect to see the scenes portrayed in this video repeated in these islands.

    • Put responsibilities on people receiving public aid not to have children until they get their act together. Education..and mandatory drug and alcohol screening…close the immigration. As a practical matter, who would invite guests over when the house is a shambles???? A little less lofty ideals for the near future seems prudent and acceptable considering the adjustments we are being asked to make. As a regular working man in the USA, I resent the servant attitude my President has displayed to foreign heads of state. I will bear the responsibility of my share of debt and resolve to stick to what I need and not what others claim I want. The power to fix things is mine not the rich or the government.

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    • Shame on all those good Englishmen who do nothing to stop the ruination of our country by third world newcomers with ignorant medieval views. The longer we delay sorting this issue out, the harder it will be to rectify and the more painful too.

      Shame on you Druid. Glad you are retiring. You have been awful. The True Faith And our reunification with the Mother Chuch in Rome is the only hope. Strength in numbers and lines in the sand.

      Islam is blasphemy and treason. They deny our Lord. Simple. It has to be stopped.

    • There is no fundamental difference between Communism and Islam ideology, both demand the total obedience by the subjects to its leaders.
      This is the true reason for the EU wanting to incorporate Turkey into the EU, as a gateway for millions of Muslims to gain unrestricted rights of immigration.
      While Christianity is attacked as being ‘non diversive’ and discrimatory, Islam is held up as a responsible brotherhood, and Sharia Law admirable.
      Rowan Williams, is not a Christian, he dismisses Christ’s miracles as, ‘probably just myths’.
      Nottingham Secular Society, recently successfully had a complaint made to the ASA upheld. The secretary, a Peter Petulana, complained that St Marks Church in Nottingham has published a leaflet claiming that God could cure any illness.
      According to this ruling by the idiots of the ASA, the entire Christian religion will have to remove all mention of miracles from the Bible.

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