• These three men think YOU are a fool.


    Doubtless British Gazette readers will try and “spread the word” that Planet Earth is not in danger of destruction, that the ice caps are not going to melt anytime soon and that polar bears will not die of heat stroke! Given however that the average person’s attention span is to be measured in seconds and not minutes it is necessary to deliver the message quickly and succinctly. The British Gazette therefore suggests that you advise them along these lines:


    Above left, centre and right are Mr. Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour Party, Mr. Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats and Mr. David Cameron, the Conservative Party’s leader and current Prime Minister.

    They would have you believe the following:

    That in every 85,800 molecules of air, 33 are CO2. Of those, humans just produce one. That the UN IPCC claims that one (1) molecule of CO2 in 85,800 molecules of air catastrophically warms the planet are correct and not the nonsense they are. That the UN IPCC claims that one (1) molecule of human CO2 causes catastrophic warming while the remaining 32 molecules of Nature’s identical CO2 do not is correct. This of course is insanity itself.

    Are YOU going to let these three men insult YOUR intelligence by voting for them?

    Of course, British Gazette readers will be helped by the fact that David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband are men in whom the British Public have little faith and even less trust.

    • We are building millions of Wind Turbines yet in the process of building these useless turbines we release more CO2 than they are ever likely to recoup!
      We have cripling “Green” taxes that are forcing people to do without food to be able to pay for their gas or electricity.
      It is a case of the inmates running the asylum!

    • I would say they are bought and paid for operatives for the global elite. To say they are there for themselves and only themselves is giving them too much recognition, they are not that intelligent! Their goal is create the EU/Nazi superstate and they are doing a very good job!


      Those people are there not to benefit the country or it’s peoples,


      BNP Life Member

    • YOU are right, aren’t you?

    • Ha Ha! I confirm that these statistics are the facts.

      Another interesting fact is that the water vapour in the air has the greatest effect in our greenhouse atmosphere, so the tiny extra CO2 increase is even more vastly outweighed by the huge variations in water vapour from place to place and day to day.

      However in the Sahara desert (and other dry atmospheres) there MAY be a significant redistribution of infra red absorption to the lowest atmospheric layer due to human CO2… That’s the fact!

    • Yesterday the perceived wisdom among the experts of “global warming” was that the Sun had a maximum effect upon our climate at the height of sun spot activity. Today we are told that this is an error and that the maximum effect actually takes place during low activity on the sun, ie low sun spot activity. So, depending what you believe either they got the link completely wrong just yesterday or they have it wrong today…….

    • Congratulations! How brilliantly you illustrate the absurdity of the carbon trading crooks, the climate change (previously, Global Warming) charlatans

      The UK’s energy prices have been kept high through blatant fraud, i.e. linking the price of gas to the price of a barrel of oil, aided and abetted by Ofgem.

      Ofgem the quango whose chief executive, Alistair Buchanan.
      told MPs that a levy of up to a third of domestic fuel bills would be siphoned off to fund the construction of renewable energy sources and other Government green initiatives,. He told MPs that the levy was necessary to fight global warming and leave the country ‘a nicer place to live for our children and grandchildren’.

      So, we have the chief executive of an organisation that is supposed to represent the interest of the consumer, aiding and abetting the energy suppliers in ripping off the consumer.

      It cannot be chance that Tony Blair;s Government placed an
      on- message green activist as head of Ofgem.

      Perhaps, when we can no longer afford to subsidise green energy, our industries collapse . . .and the planet grows colder, We may wake up to the fact that we have ample coal to supply coal gas for hundreds of years and in Cornwall, a mineral three times as effective as uranium abounds.

      But by then the three fools will have abandoned Britain for warmer climes.

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