• Notice to all EuroRealists: Time to prepare for a second EU referendum!


    If you do not recognise the term “EuroRealist” this does not apply to you as you aren’t! A EuroRealist that is!

    Today’s blog-post from Doctor North makes sober reading!
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    It appears that Madame Mayhem is set on a course for disaster!

    IF a “no deal”, “train crash”, “over the cliff” Brexit takes place this is going to be a political disaster for the Tories that far exceeds the Suez crisis (1956) and even the Corn Law crisis (1846-49). It will equal the South Sea Company crisis of 1721.

    M. Barnier has in the past mentioned that “the clock is ticking”. Well this is at some point going to come to the attention of the markets.

    So far they have not reacted to the possible economic catastrophe (I don’t think the term is an exaggeration). If however there comes a point – in October or November that the UK is set for a “no deal”, “train crash”, “over the cliff” Brexit then they are likely to.

    This will force the issue. The Remainer MPs in the Commons will come together to force the issue of a second referendum.

    Referendums tend to be binary and the issue will be repeal of the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017 and the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018. The act may even make the referendum binding.

    The likelihood is that the Remainers would win and the Leavers would loose.

    In such circumstances the EU would likely refer a vote to repeal said acts by the voters to the ECJ.

    It is inconceivable that the ECJ would reject this outright but it may impose terms or suggest that the EU Parliament has to approve it. This will likely be the loss of previous opt outs!

    Of course we will then find ourselves watching a regular British political activity: Politicians playing the blame game! The Leaver Tories will claim that; “It woz Labour and the Lib-Dems and the SNP what done it!”

    UKIP and the Moggist Tories will claim that but for those treacherous MPs who embarked on “Project Fear” for the second time (about all the evils of the world being visited upon the hapless UK should it go for a “no deal Brexit”) persuaded the voters to give up the valuable freedom they had voted for in 2016 and return to the harsh embrace of the European Union.

    If this happens, then UKIP relatively speaking will come out of this quite well. You see one of the deplorable and monstrous effects of the never to be sufficiently damned, “First Past the Post” electoral system – what our American friends call the “Two Party System” – is that there are two categories of political parties in the countries that use it. The first category – which consists of two parties are termed the “governing parties”. That is because the governments of the country concerned alternates between these two parties. The second category invariably consist of a number of parties. These parties are termed the “protest parties”. That is because these parties pick up additional voters (other than their hard core supporters) who are voting for them in protest to the actions of one of the governing parties.

    Should on April Fool’s Day, Monday 1st April 2019, find the UK still in the EU then there will be many who voted “Leave” in 2016 and again in 2018 or 2019, UKIP will likely receive many more applications from disappointed voters to join their ranks.