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    Above, Mr Javid the then Chancellor receiving advice from Gladstone, Chief Mouser of the Treasury.

    Mr Sajid Javid, the Member for Bromsgrove is the new Secretary of State for Health and Social Care following his predecessor’s decision Matt(hew John David) Hancock the Member for West Suffolk to spend more time with his mistress.

    Hopefully Mr Javid will concentrate his energies on overseeing the completion of the vaccination of all persons resident in the UK. In making this statement the BG knows it is incurring the displeasure and disagreement with some of it’s readers who are “vaccine sceptics.”

    To be sure, the BG has some scepticism about the vaccines but is unabashed and unequivocal in exhorting all persons offered “a jab” to take it up without hesitation! Your Editor received his first dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine on the evening of 19th February 2021 and the second dose on the evening of the 7th May 2021. Fifty two days have elapsed and I have not dropped dead – yet!

    IF you have NOT been vaccinated yet and you are over eighteen, GET JABBED!

    OK then: Now let us address some vaccine concerns.

    Is there a risk of serious complications and/or death?

    Yes. But there is a risk every time you eat something or cross the road or drive your car. You can’t live your life insulated from danger. One can take sensible precautions but I would heartily maintain that not having the vaccine is not one of them! Sorry!

    Is there a likelihood of side effects?

    Yes. I can speak from first hand, personal experience. For me they were minor and not worth commenting on.

    Now, as to the coronavirus pandemic and the vaccine response:

    Are the politicians and those in power telling us everything?

    No! Of course not! They never do!

    Are the politicians and those in power being truthful?

    No! Of course not!

    When have they ever been?

    The one thing that we can ALL be certain of is that there is a LOT that HAS GONE on “behind the scenes”, a LOT that IS GOING on “behind the scenes” and a LOT that WILL GO on “behind the scenes” before this ends – if it ever really will!

    Since we live in a world subject to misinformation and deceit from those who govern us, we can only rely on our own “common sense”.

    Common Sense should by now have caused many of us to be of the opinion that there is a strong possibility that COVID-19 was not a naturally occurring virus but one that was created artificially.
    Working on the assumption that COVID-19 is artificial we can go on to ask ourselves these questions:

    #1: Was the virus released deliberately?

    #2: Was the virus released accidentally?

    Whatever the answer, the urgent requirement now is to deal with the crisis and that means vaccinating as many people on the planet as possible as soon as possible.

    Circumstantial evidence attesting the the probability that COVID-19 is artificial exists in the very rapid development of the vaccines together with their effectiveness – the levels of which are very high when compared to other vaccines for other illnesses. In a word; suspicious.

    On Thursday 15th October, 2020, HM the Queen visited Porton Down.Be under no doubt: Porton Down’s boffins know what they are doing. If – and they do – strongly advise you to get vaccinated – then do so!

    The REAL reason why HM visited Porton Down was to ask the director this question: “What is going on?” This would have been followed up with “Tell me what you know.” By the way, that will not have been a request but a command!

    It is your Editor’s opinion that the most likely possibility is that that COVID-19 was released by accident. If this is the case then the accident clearly happened in or near Wuhan and this would account for the Chinese reaction and their success – relative to other nations – in dealing with the outbreak. It would also explain the delay in the response of the other powers as a lot of highly secret communication will have been going on! Communication that will be classified indefinitely!

    OK then, let us consider the possibility that COVID-19 was deliberately released. Is it likely that the Chinese will have done this alone? Absolutely not! The Chinese government may not be a democratic government but it would not set about such what in effect would be an Act of Biological Warfare unilaterally. The Chinese are cautious and unlike many other undemocratic regimes are competent.

    What this means is this: IF – and it is an absolutely enormous “if” – COVID-19 was created and released deliberately, then this would have been done with at least the consent of all five permanent members of the UNO’s Security Council. This in-and-of-itself is highly unlikely! IF however it was, then one is forced to ask: WHY?
    Now at this point, we must again reiterate that this scenario is extraordinarily unlikely! Put it this way, were I to lay odds on the probability of the virus being released accidentally, I’d suggest that there is a 99.9999% probability that it was. In other words: it was an almighty cock-up!
    HOWEVER: That forces us to consider the probability that is 0.0001% that it was created and released deliberately. The figure of 0.0001 probability is important because that is about the chances of one dying as a result of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine!

    Let us be absolutely clear: From this point on our speculation enters the realm of the fantastical and downright unbelievable!

    So how do we proceed on this path that would normally be the preserve of certified lunatics?

    With LOGIC. I am a Sci-Fi fan, so I’m going to state we have to be very Vulcan about this!

    Therefore, assuming the virus was created and deliberately released we must return to the question why?

    Was it to kill off many people “to reduce the surplus population” – to quote Dickens’s Scrooge.

    No. Clearly not. A LOGICAL reason would be to create a situation whereby people would have to be vaccinated against it! In other words, LOGIC suggests that COVID-19 would have been created to bring about a situation where mass vaccination was the required response.

    One possible reason some – not your Editor – would suggest would be a corrupt criminal money making plot to generate huge amounts of business for the pharmaceutical industry. Your Editor would suggest that this is conspiracy theory madness! Such worldwide secret criminal conspiracies are the subject of James Bond films and are not at all realistic.

    Neither is the conspiracy theory that it is a plot by the Greens to depopulate the planet to reduce CO2 emissions.

    So…. What could possibly be the reason?

    Well you have to start by asking the question: “Why develop COVID-19 in the first place?” Then, “If not for making money by making and selling the vaccine, why?”

    Well, let us consider part of our world’s history.

    The Spanish (and Portuguese) conquest of the Americas was helped by the diseases the conquistadors brought with them. This was not deliberate genocide. It was accidental genocide. In a monstrous act of cruelty, the Roman Catholic Europeans assumed that the native people were suffering because they were not Christians.

    Now let us consider this: We are explorers in the Amazon or New Guinea rainforest and we are searching for a tribe that has not been in contact with other human beings from outside there area. We would have to be very careful NOT to import diseases that they had no immunity for. What we could – and people do – is to vaccinate and inoculate these people against diseases to prevent this disaster of the 16th Century from happening again.

    Now let us consider a very well known Sci-Fi work, “The War of the Worlds” by H. G. Wells. We all know how the invading Martians die; by contracting diseases they had no immunity for. Of course, ANY advanced civilisation with the technology to cross the vast distances of interstellar space – by means or “wormholes” or such-like – would not make such a basic error in immunology!

    But there again, we are entering fantastical speculation; the Sci-Fi genre is full of novels and films and TV series that have an invasion of Earth by aliens as the basic plot. But there is a far more plausible scenario – albeit nearly as fantastical.

    Let us again revisit aspects of our world’s past. One that the politically correct are very fond of revisiting: the West African slave trade. We all know the sad and dreadful history: West African states sold captured members of tribes and states they were at war with to the Europeans. The Europeans then transported them in dreadful conditions to work as slaves in plantations in the Americas.

    Are we suggesting then that the five member states of the Security Council are conspiring with ETs (aliens) to sell their people into slavery? No! However, such an ETC (extra terrestrial civilisation) may be highly interested in receiving applications from human volunteers to take up residence off planet Earth – for reasons we will not speculate about.

    Let us be very clear: IF – and again we must state that it is a very very very very very big “if” – an ETC that appeared to be benign and peaceful sought humans to reside “off world” [Earth], there would be many many people from across the world who would enthusiastically volunteer. This would be no latter day slave trade.

    What is “in it” for Earth’s governments? To use a modern “buzz phrase”: Technology Transfer!

    Beware, some of this MIGHT have already happened.

    So there you have it! The Editor of the BG has gone completely and utterly insane!