• Martin Schulz and the late Jo Cox: The truth can hurt.


    Herr Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament has caused outrage after blaming MP Jo Cox’s death on the “nasty” EU referendum during a lecture on Brexit at the London School of Economics.

    Predictably, these comments have drawn forth the fury of Brexiteers across the party political spectrum.

    The problem is that Herr Schulz is not wrong. Had he accused any member of the Leave campaign of complicity in Ms Cox’s assassination, he would most certainly not only have been wrong but would have opened himself up to a possible civil action for defamation. However, he did not and is not.

    The FACT is that on 16th June 2016, Jo Cox, the Member of Parliament for Batley and Spen, died after being shot and stabbed multiple times in Birstall in the West Riding of Yorkshire, shortly before she was due to hold a constituency surgery. A local man, Thomas Mair, was arrested in connection with Cox’s death and subsequently charged with her murder and other offences.

    Facing FACTS it seems is what many prominent Brexiteer politicians have difficulty with. As a result they are trying to find ways of getting around the problems presented by these FACTs in the forlorn hope that these problems can be overcome. Sadly though this cannot be.

    Today, The Rt. Hon. George Osborne, PC, CH, MP (For it is He!) has been reported as saying that the British People voted for Brexit, not Hard Brexit. These comments were made in a criticism of his former Conservative Party colleagues pursing options other than Flexcit – although Mr Osborne made no mention of this, it being implied.

    Unfortunately, the Rt. Hon. George Osborne, PC, CH, MP is as wrong about this as he was wrong about the sky falling in on Midsummer’s Day, Saturday 24th June 2016!

    Now in his latter prognostication, this organ deeply regrets the FACT that the Rt. Hon. George Osborne, PC, CH, MP is wrong! The FACT is that vast numbers of British people many of them E, D, C2 and C1s in Labour’s heartlands outside London voted precisely for “Hard Brexit!”
    By “Hard Brexit” these British People want (and believe they voted for) the following:
    1. A more or less immediate halt to immigration upon leaving the EU.
    2. No further financial contributions made to the EU from taxpayer derived funds.
    3. That an extra £350 million per day be spent on the NHS.
    4. No more EU Directives and Regulations.
    5. A more or less immediate return and control of the country’s fishing waters up to the Median Line or 200 Nautical Miles – AND NOT ONE INCH LESS upon leaving the EU.
    6. NO significant downturn the the country’s economic performance – which includes the level of unemployment.
    Now those prominent Brexiteer politicians who are possessed of at least two functioning brain cells will have realised the problem! This is that whilst Demands #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 are achievable they are NOT achievable when Demand #6 is added to the list!