• Mr Justice Sweeney: What planet are you living on?

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    Mr Justice Sweeny is the Crown Court Judge who handed 8 month sentences to Christopher Huhne and Vicky Pryce at Southwark Crown Court today for perverting the course of justice.

    He said: “You have fallen from a great height, albeit that that is only modest mitigation given that it is a height that you would never have achieved if you had not hidden your commission of such a serious offence in the first place.”

    British Gazette Comment: Errr……….. Excuse me Mr Justice Sweeny. Ap-per-pro, Mr Huhne, what about the offences of High Treason for persuading Her Majesty the queen to govern in a peculiar manner (handing the government of the nation over to a foreign power)? What about High Treason for ensuring that a Foreign Power (the EU) has precedence in this land? What about Perjury for breaking his Privy Councillor’s Oath? What about Perjury for breaking his Parliamentary Oath?