• STOP PRESS!!!!!!!! Planet Earth will NOT now be destroyed!!!!!!!


    Hallelujah! Praise Be! Who do we thank? The Pope? The Archbishop of Canterbury? The Chief Rabbi? The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem? The Dalai Lama? Err. No. David Shukman!

    Yesterday the BBC – Bullshit Broadcasting Company – reported the Planet had been saved from infernal destruction! The job of imparting the GOOD NEWS to the viewer was handed to Mr Shukman.

    Mr Shukman reported that the the IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – aka International Party of Crooked Charlatans – has announced that the Planet’s temperature would over a period of time increase by 2.7 Degrees Centigrade! This was it was said, was bad, but not that bad! It was survivable! However, the GOOD NEWS Mr Shukman suggested was that the Planet will not now heat up by 4 or 5 Degrees Centigrade!


    Because of all those wonderful wind turbines and solar panels of course!

    The minor FACT that there are far more coal fired power stations in the world pumping out life giving CO2 now than when these dreadful cash converters (wind into £ and sunlight into £ – by-product electricity) were erected is of course of no importance!


    Because they (the coal fired power stations) are in China and other such places!

    Out of sight, out of the calculations!

    Of course, this is the WHOLE point of the wind turbine. Whilst the electricity it produces is expensive, because it does not produce that much and the total cost of each turbine is a fraction of a power station that could produce a reasonable quantity of electricity 24/7, they are affordable. Most importantly of all however they are highly visible. This means that the public can be fooled into thinking that “something is being done!”

    This does not however mean we are not going to see less of these infernal devices!
    See the report: http://www.mail.com/int/scitech/news/3921986-british-foreign-minister-discusses-climate-change-gulf.html#.1258-stage-set7-6
    Here we go again! All good friends and jolly good company!

    The Dearly Beloved (by the world’s assorted despots) Hammond is at it again. Fresh from his triumph of getting the Chinese to bankroll Hinckley Point – a deal that admittedly has the advantage of the UK eventually having “state of the art” nuclear power stations in Essex and elsewhere – the Foreign Secretary is now arguing for “Green Energy” in the Persian Gulf.

    Of course this DOES NOT mean that the Arabs are going to construct solar panels in the desert. After all, these people are NOT stupid! Any person – such as the Unfortunate Amber Rudd – who thinks the Arabian Desert is a jolly good place for solar panels should be aware of the harsh and abrasive effects of sand and sandstorms – a frequent occurrence there – that will destroy the effectiveness of such panels in very short order!

    No. The Dearly Beloved Hammond desires that the Arabs invest their money in Green Technology here in the UK. With such investment backed by the long suffering UK taxpayer of course!

    You see, the wind turbines will have to be kept because it is the electricity from these devices that are keeping the Planet’s temperature down! Any person who believes this is called a fool or Amber Rudd!

    What about Mr Shukman? Mr Shukman is a professional journalist doing what an employee of an organisation should do. His job.