• Clegg – Farage – the LBC Debate.


    Herewith above the LBC debate between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg.

    British Gazette verdict: Clegg is an idiot! Because only an idiot convicts himself by his own admission! Mr Clegg claimed that only 7% of our laws were made by Brussels and quoted House of Commons library study. Well, to paraphrase Bill Clinton…. “Define law…..”

    In quoting the figure of 7% Clegg is referring to EU Directives which require new British law to implement them. What Mr Clegg fails to mention of course is that Parliament HAS to pass the new law as he and his treasonous colleagues have caused the UK’s parliament to be subordinate to a Foreign Power. If for example MPs vote against any Bill to implement an EU Directive and thus the UK fails to implement that Directive, the UK will be punished by that Foreign Power.

    What does this mean?

    It means that Clegg and every other Privy Councillor who votes for such a Bill as it goes through the Commons violates their Privy Council oath and Parliamentary oath, thus committing two offences of perjury and of course one offence of High Treason. Why such a serious charge: Because they have reduced the Queen and Parliament to the status of a rubber stamp!

    Most of the EU’s “laws” are imposed on the UK via EU Regulations. These do not even need to be rubber stamped by Parliament. EU regulations are imposed by Statutory Instruments, which are merely a device for amending/modifying/changing an existing law. It is called Secondary Legislation. When a minister lays such a statutory instrument before the House of Commons, that minister is again committing two offences of perjury and of course one offence of High Treason.

    Of course, by making the statements he did – before a wide audience – Clegg has by his own admission convicted himself of Perjury and High Treason!

    Why? Because it is perfectly obvious to anyone with a functioning brain (this of course excludes Clegg himself and such as the unfortunate Ed Miliband) that in claiming that 7% of the UK’s laws are decided in Brussels he has admitted the fact that laws are imposed by a foreign power! There will be a lot of argument (from Eurorealists and Euroskeptics) about whether it is 7% or 70% – but fail to notice the plain simple fact that to secure a conviction for High Treason IT DOES NOT MATTER whether the figure ids 7% or 70% – it is still treason!

    To argue otherwise would be analogous to a barrister arguing on behalf of his client (a burglar) that the burglar should not be convicted of the burglary committed as he only stole four pieces of porcelain from the victim’s china cabinet and not the entire contents that numbered forty pieces! Any barrister so incompetent as to attempt to argue such a ludicrous defence would doom his client to be dealt with harshly by the trial judge. But then, it would be very difficult to find a barrister as incompetent a buffoon as Mr Clegg!