• Separating the wheat from the chaff.


    Recently the BG has been pursing a subject in a series of posts that has caused many readers to reconsider whether or not to continue reading and many who are of the opinion that the stress of the pandemic has affected me psychologically.
    The fact is that I have been pursing my own research for some time now but only recently did I take the decision to start blogging about it.
    There exists a great controversy about the origin of the moon. The conventional understanding of the Moon’s internal structure is well illustrated by this article on Wikipedia.
    GOTO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internal_structure_of_the_Moon
    Another very controversial understanding is described in this link (https://youtu.be/IjEwvvzJISQ) will take you to a YouTube documentary just under 30 minutes in length. It is about the moon and the curious aspects surrounding it.
    Many will scoff and regard it as the spouting of lunatics. It puts forward compelling evidence to suggest that the moon is an artificial satellite. I’ll come straight out with my opinion: A lot of the claims hold water BUT as to the moon arriving after humans beings arrived on Earth raises the question: What (if any) satellite or satellites existed before the moon arrived? This is a very important question indeed for it directly affects the evolution of life on Earth.
    A very revealing answer is to be found here: https://nineplanets.org/questions/what-would-happen-if-there-was-no-moon/
    The most important aspect to consider (insofar as the evolution of life on Earth is concerned is the degree of axial tilt. The Earth’s axial tilt angle varies over a 40,000 year cycle, the positions of the Tropics vary between 22.1∘ and 24.5∘. This gives us the seasons and the accompanying changes to the climate. Were the tilting quadrupled so the tilt was between 88.4∘ and 98.8∘ the Earth would effectively be lying on it’s side with the poles straddling the equator over the cycle which would cause extreme seasons and make live on Earth difficult. If however there was little or no axial tilt, there would be no seasons at all to speak of. Furthermore, the winds would become much stronger although the absence of tides would mitigate coastal flooding.
    The most noticeable difference however would be in the length of the day. The day (the Earth making one rotation on it’s axis) would last somewhere between 6 to 12 hours and 24 hours. What this would mean is that instead of a there being 365.25 days in the Earth’s annual orbit around the sun there would have been over 1,000.
    There is some Biblical evidence (http://lewisiana.nl/bibleknotsandjunctions/bible/earthwithoutamoon/) of this. The existence of a day lasting between 6 and 12 hours would offer some explanation to the seeming long lives of some ancient Biblical characters. It would also help explain the Great Flood and Noah’s Ark. In addition, the much stronger winds would help explain why structured human civilization (living complex buildings and not mud huts and caves) and the development of farming (from hunter gathering) took place when it did and not earlier.
    What conclusions do I suggest you draw from all this Dear Reader?
    That our governments and the establishments surrounding them know a lot more than what they are telling us!
    Just in case some readers may think I’m completely “gone” – I would however like to debunk one of the many conspiracy/fantastical theories doing it’s rounds on the internet in various guises and that is the idea that we were either created or altered (from more primitive lifeforms) by ETs (aliens) and that God (as Christians, Jews and Muslims understand) and His angels and archangels are ETs (aliens) and are visiting us via UFOs!
    Nonsense does not come anywhere near to describing this cods-wallop! When He last was on Earth the Almighty in the form of His Son did not need a spaceship and when He returns, there will be again NO such requirement! When Christ referred to “not of this world”, He did NOT mean the inside of the Moon!
    I also suggest that now might be a rather good time to pick up a book many have on their shelves but don’t often read: the Bible!