• The Arctic Star and Bomber Command Clasp: Better late than never, but too late for some.

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    The British Gazette commends the long overdue decision to award the Arctic Star campaign medal and the Bomber Command clasp to those very brave campaign veterans. Sadly however, due to the very long delay many veterans have died. At least in recognition of this sad fact, the authorities are going to allow the families to claim these medals.

    Of course the sad fact is that this disreputable coterie of treasonous felons had to be forced into issuing the campaign medal following their refusal to allow British veterans to accept the Russian Ushakov Medal Russia has already awarded the decoration to veterans from Australia, Canada and the U.S. for their role in the Arctic convoys. Previous to this, British Veterans had to make do with the lapel badge that is the Arctic Emblem.

    British Gazette comment: Note to Mr David Cameron, (masquerading as the Prime Minister of a supposedly sovereign country). LAPEL BADGES are what you award to SALESMAN selling such as photo-voltaic panels to householders!
    MEDALS are what you award to soldiers, sailors and airmen in the service of their country!