• Coming to the defence of Aunt Beeb!


    Following the Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries stating that the next announcement about the BBC licence fee will be the last – and it was time to discuss new ways to fund and sell “great British content” and going onto state that “…….the days of the elderly being threatened with prison sentences and bailiffs knocking on doors were over……” This blog says: LET US HAVE THE DISCUSSION!

    The BBC is a precious organ of the British State. Freed from the demands of big business and commerce it can present the news in the way it always has: FACTUALLY!

    As to it’s financing; the TV licence is regressive. There is a simple progressive answer however: Levy the TV Licence as a part of the Council Tax. In other words the present annual cost will be that paid by those in Band C or Band D properties and those in higher bands will pay more and those in lower bands will pay less.

    This is NOT rocket science!!!!!!