• This website is for Ms Polly Tonybee and her friends!


    From today, the British Gazette has two separate websites each sitting under two separately registered domains. The separation is geographic. One website (this one being .co.uk) is in the UK. The server is one of One Pound WebHosting Limited’s. It’s Company No. is 05886975 and its registered office address is 17 Waltham Close, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 8EQ. The other website (the .com) is on one of Bluehost Inc.’s (HQ: 10 Corporate Drive , Suite #300 Burlington, MA 01803) the server itself being at the primary US Data Centre for a Bluehost powered website targeting global visitors with its name server being ns1[dot]bluehost[dot]com.

    The two blogs have and will continue to have completely different content. The old content that was located on the server in the UK is now located in the USA.

    It is envisaged that readers of this blog up to the end of July 2021 will find the new content of the .com blog that will join the content of the blog up to the end of July 2021 more to their taste than the new content of the .co.uk blog. This is because the new content of the .co.uk blog will be designed to please (or at least not annoy or upset) Ms Polly Tonybee and her fellow Guardian readers!

    Of Polly, Wikipedia states: Mary Louisa “Polly” Toynbee is a British journalist and writer. She has been a columnist for The Guardian newspaper since 1998. She is a social democrat and was a candidate for the Social Democratic Party in the 1983 general election. She now broadly supports the Labour Party, although she was critical of its left-wing leader, Jeremy Corbyn.
    Herewith the entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polly_Toynbee
    It may interest BG readers (of both blogs) to know that I along with Polly was a member of the SDP. Since that time our views on the topics of the environment and the EU have let us say diverged somewhat!

    The reason for setting up the new .com blog is due to certain ISPs blocking the .co.uk due to it’s former content which they assessed as being politically incorrect! This is a disturbing development that unfortunately is going to get worse. This being the case the old “blocked” content has been moved to the .com blog (where no doubt UK and EU ISPs will block it’s output from their customers). However, any future UK government will be unable to block or close down the US based website although they will of course have the power to close down the UK website. However, since the UK website is going to contain content that will please Polly and her friends, this is unlikely!

    However, despite our differences, I know that Polly was and still is a decent well intentioned political activist whose motivation was and is to see that the UK and ALL it’s people prosper.
    Therefore, those of you who want to indulge in reading content that Polly would find disagreeable can now find it at: https://british-gazette.com